Means peace!
Peace in self, is where peace begins!

On the road to #Familyood. Join us in your country..state.. in your town.
If you work at a school, or have a child at one, you are at the center for development, according to #Familyhood.
To get started, register your school at
We kick off in October. (We would say September, but school is just getting started, so give us a month to recruit).

We offer this service free to schools!

For Free, your school gets placed on a map of locations for volunteers to come out once a month and support. These could be local business representatives, community leaders, etc, but mainly #Familyhood promotes the schools Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association to come out each month to celebrate, share updates and get their hands dirty in the schools garden.

This collaboration of the school’s inter-generational organizations (SGA +PTA+ AA) is what we call #Familyhood.

Every school should have one!

To get started, register your school at