Greetings Friends,

We hope this note is reaching you well.

On behalf of The Familyhood Connection Inc, a 501 (C-3) corporation in the state of California, we wanted to give you an update of our affairs.

With a mission of promoting programs that bring the generations together to improve communities, we would like to share with you our vision – #Familyhood and its “do now” strategy called 1st Saturdays.

We are currently seeking schools to implement 1st Saturday’s – the official monthly volunteer/recruitment day at their school sites by October 7th 2017.

schools can sign up at

Once registered, we will add your school to our map of places volunteers can go once a month to volunteer.

Do you like getting your hands dirty working on gardens? Would you enjoy planning and managing a farmers market in your community? Could you see yourself mentoring a group of high school Student Government Association members? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, consider joining us!

Our vision is called #Familyhood. The hashtag “#” represents the twitter handle to stay abreast.

We define #Familyhood as an inter-generational strategy that utilizes schools as a hub for community development.
#1stSaturdays (also can be followed at represents the 1st Saturday of each month to volunteer and recruit members to the schools three main school based organizations (SGA, PTA, AA).

#Familyhood is driven by two main motto’s: 1) The Friends of School motto: which states, ” every school shall have a functioning Student Government Association (SGA), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Alumni Association (AA). 2) The Mo’ Better Food motto: Which states, “every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.

The collaboration of the schools S.G.A + PTA + AA = Familyhood.

We are seeking schools to demonstrate #Familyhood in their community.

If you are a student, a parent, a principal , a community activist, a janitor, a receptionist, lol, it doesn’t really matter what you call yourself,

share Familyhood and its “do now” strategy to your school district representatives.

Visit: for more information and sign up your school today!

Kind Regards,

David N. Roach