#Familyhood is driven by two main motto’s: 1) The Friends of school motto: which states: “every school shall have a student government association, a Parent Teacher Association and Alumni Association.”

Since many schools do no have these three basic school based organizations, The Friends of School motto utilizes 1st Saturdays to recruit new members to these organizations and to share updates.

#Familyhood promotes these three main organizations to collaborate. This collaboration is called #Familyhood.

The second motto: 2) is called The Mo’ Better Food motto: which states, ” every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.” 1st Saturdays promotes #Familyhood to come together every month to promote their schools garden, farmers market and future grocery store.

1stSaturdays also welcomes information booths from local businesses/organizations to share resources/opportunities to #Familyhood.


# Friends of school states
“every school shall have a Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association and

#Familyhood is an inter-generational approach of increasing sustainability from within the community.

We are seeking local, national and partners that share our two motto’s. We realize #Familyhood is not an overnight solution. Since, #Familyhood is based on increasing governance from within our schools – the collaboration of (S.G.A +PTA + ALUMNI), the direct benefits will take some time to realize from within a neighborhood.

We estimate around 5 years.
Because, 5 years will enable some of the students involved now to eventually graduate and return as Alumni to advance the Mo’ Better Food projects (garden, farmers market, grocery store).

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Kicking off September 2nd, 2017 - START!`

Mo Better Food states,
“every school shall have a garden, a farmers market and a grocery store.”



We are reaching out to representatives of different organizations to ask for their support for #Familyhood.
Basically, we asked them to read this to understand #Familyhood and if they agreed to sign below:

You can also download it here.
Read it thoroughly and if you agree,
sign it and we will add you and your organization to our list of supporters!

#1stSaturdays is the “do now” strategy of advancing a community towards #Familyhood.

#1stSaturdays promotes these three main school based (#Familyhood) organizations to collaborate in managing/operating the schools garden, farmers market and grocery store.

#1stSaturdays gives space to the schools three main organizations by enabling booth space for their organizations to outreach as well as time during the volunteer effort to share up- dates/announcements in the spirit of recruiting additional members to join their organizations.

Help us spread #Familyhood by making a donation to The Familyhood Connection. Our mission is to promote programs that bring the generations together to improve communities. # Familyhood is our vision. #1stSaturdays is our ‘do now” strategy to achieve it.

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Your donation supports us to increase sustainability from the people up!

1stSaturdays.com is a project of The Familyhood Connection Inc, a 501 (C-3) non-profit corporation in the State of California. Our Mission is to promote programs that bring the generations together to improve communities. Tax Id# 94-3220394

Sponsorship Opportunities are Available

We are seeking sponsors to support 1stSaturdays!
Your company/organization’s logo/name will added to this site and other marketing as noted: click here for our sponsorship overview page.

If you represent a school, sign your school up to kick off 1st Saturdays on September 2nd 2017.

If you would like to Volunteer, we recommend receiving your CLEARANCE REQUIREMENTS from Oakland Educational Fund (they handle the volunteering process in Oakland schools).

Where Do We Go From Here?

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